The basis of our cuisine is local seasonal products. We like food to be clear, useful and tasty. If the omelet is made from domestic eggs, if the fish is local trout. If the mushrooms and berries are from the nearby forest.
Here you can have breakfast in silence on the terrace or near the panoramic window with a view of the mountains, recover your strength after a day on the ski slope or gather the whole family for a warm dinner.
It is important to us to minimize the impact on the environment, so here we sort waste and send it for recycling.

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We invite you to the bar for soulful conversations, organic wines and original cocktails. This is a space of freedom: here you can hang out with friends and boldly meet new people you are interested in, laugh uncontrollably and experiment with tastes. If you don’t know what to choose, just tell the bartender what your mood is, and he will choose the perfect drink for the evening.