The procedure for booking rooms in the Hotel

  1. Room reservations at the Shpytsi Hotel are made by filling out the form on the Hotel website in the Reservations section
  2. The booking application must contain the following information:
    • Name of the Guest/Guests;
    • Date and time of check-in and check-out;
    • Number of required numbers;
    • Number of adults, number of children, their age;
    • The country of which the Guest is a citizen;
    • E-mail, phone for communication;
  3. If the Guest does not provide the information specified in clause 1.2 of these rules, the Hotel reserves the right to deny the guest (group of guests) confirmation of the reservation request;
  4. The hotel within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the moment of receipt of the reservation request confirms the reservation to the Guest or refuses to accept the request. In case of confirmation of the reservation request, the Hotel sends a message to the Guest by e-mail or Viber, Telegram messengers confirming the reservation. In the absence of a room that the Guest is interested in, the Hotel sends a message about the refusal to confirm the reservation. The specified messages are sent to the Guest using e-mail, Viber, Telegram messengers;
  5. The Hotel confirms the Guest’s request for advance booking only if there are free rooms of the requested category in the Hotel;


Guaranteed reservation

  1. Guaranteed – the reservation is considered if the Guest makes a 30% prepayment for the Hotel services, according to the issued invoice;


Reservation cancellation conditions

  1. The reservation application can be canceled by the Guest after calling the hotel reception or sending a message to e-mail or Viber, Telegram messengers about the cancellation of the reservation;
  2. The guest has the right to cancel his reservation request no later than 7 days before the date of arrival. In case of no-show, the prepayment amount is debited as a fine for no-show, in the case of 7 days’ notice, the fine is not applied, and the paid advance of 30% is used as a deposit for subsequent bookings during the year.


Guest settlement rules, estimated time

  1. At the time of check-in, the Guest presents to the Hotel administrator a document confirming his identity, as well as a message confirming the reservation of a hotel room sent by the Hotel;
  2. Guests can check-in from 15:00 local time on the day of check-in, agreed by the parties in the reservation confirmation message;
  3. Guests are checked out by 12:00 local time on the day of departure agreed by the parties in the reservation confirmation message;
  4. When checking into a hotel, payment for accommodation is charged in the amount of 100% of the room price, for the entire reservation period. In case of premature departure of the Guests from the Hotel, the remaining amount (paid days of stay) is not returned;
  5. Hotel services, at the discretion of the Guest, can be paid for in one of the following ways:
    1. Payment of services to the Hotel by Guests in non-cash form by bank transfer of funds to the current account of the Hotel;
    2. Payment of services to the Hotel by guests for cash payment, in cash;
    3. Payment by Visa, Master Card credit cards on the Hotel website through the LiqPay payment system;
    4. Payment by Visa, Master Card credit cards upon check-in at the Hotel;


Responsibility of the Hotel

  1. The hotel is responsible for the quality of services. The hotel is not responsible for force majeure circumstances and temporary inconveniences caused by the fault of third parties, which are caused, for example, by a temporary lack of electricity, as well as for inconveniences caused by temporary repairs, for example, repair or conservation of equipment. In the event of extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of each party, natural disasters, strikes, military operations or other emergency situations that prevent the provision of services in accordance with the agreement.


Personal data

  1. The Guest gives the Hotel consent to take actions regarding the processing of his personal data for the purpose of the Hotel carrying out activities in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, fulfilling the terms of the concluded contract on the provision of hotel services, implementing and protecting the rights of the parties under the concluded contract on the provision of hotel services, exercising other powers , functions, duties of the Hotel, which do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine and the terms of the concluded contract.
  2. In case of difficulties when booking, contact +380 96 404 22 44 or hotel.shpytsi@gmail.com.