We have a celebratory day with cups of Carpathian tea, because spruce planting has started in Shpytsy

For our team, this event is as joyful as the first blueberries in the forest or snow at Christmas, because caring for local nature is the basis of our values. For half a year, we saved a part of the funds from each booked night in Spitsy, so that later we could buy seedlings and plant them in the mountains

We are happy that we are creating this holiday together with you – the guests of Spitz – a real community that also strives to preserve the greatness of the Carpathian forest. We invite everyone to join the process: we have already planted 1,000 small trees, and there are 1,730 more to go

Come: grow a forest, walk in the meadows and breathe the air that smells of spruce. Book a room by phone +38 096 404 22 44 or in private messages