One of the values ​​is the enrichment of the picturesque Ukrainian Carpathians and, at the same time, refutation of the stereotype that Carpathian forests are only cut down on a large scale.
And in more detail, a part of the money for each night spent by guests in the Shpytsa Hotel&SPA is allocated for the purchase of Carpathian spruce seedlings, which are planted in spring and autumn during the growing season.
Also, later, we produce our own craft nutritious jam from the cones of this Carpathian spruce.

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5 438 uah/day
4 938 uah/day
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5 438 uah/day
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SPA Complex

SPA procedures are always a good idea
And when it’s a SPA-complex with a view of the Black Mountain Range — Hoverla and Petros, no comments at all!

Shpytsy Hotel&SPA offers a biosauna, a Roman steam room, a swimming pool and a massage, which will help you recover after an active walk, take a break from the fast pace of life or improve your skin and improve blood circulation

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Restaurant and bar

The basis of our cuisine is local seasonal products. We like food to be clear, useful and tasty. If the omelet is made from domestic eggs, if the fish is local trout, not Nordic salmon. If the mushrooms and berries are from the nearby forest.

Here you can have breakfast in silence on the terrace or near the panoramic window with a view of the mountains, recover your strength after a day on the ski slope or gather the whole family for a warm dinner.

It is important to us to minimize the impact on the environment, so here we sort waste and send it for recycling.

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Shpytsy Hotel & SPA is located in Bukovel, but far from the hectic life of a ski resort, because we know how important it is to slow down sometimes. Here you can see the mountains from every corner, sheep and horses live in the neighborhood, the starlight is not lost in the light noise, and if you listen, you can hear the forest breathing

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Carpathians